How do I set a trade order in my OTC group chat?

Learn about how to set a trade order with Genesis Block

1. Request quotation by indicating the following criteria:

  • Direction - BUY / SELL Cryptocurrency - BTC, ETH, BCH, USDT, USDC, TUSD
  • Volume - dollar or coin amount (minimum HKD200,000 / USD25,000 per transaction)

2. All cryptocurrencies will be quoted in USD per coin.

Quotations will be provided in your designated group chat every 20 seconds.

3. Please type the word “DONE” to execute the latest quotation.

4. Trader will reply to confirm the order has been executed.

5. Full details will be sent via email within 15 minutes of execution. 

”Reply all” with your wallet address.

Note: We round off USD/USDT/USDC/TUSD to the nearest dollar and BTC/ETH/BCH to the nearest 4th decimal point.



YOU: BUY, BTC, USD100,000, T+0

Trader: Quoting USD100,000 volume on BTC, T+0, quotation in USD/BTC

             - 6,686
             - (20 seconds later)
             - 6,700

YOU: Done

Trader: Your Buy Order of 14.9254 BTC@ 6,700USD/BTC has been confirmed

Still have more questions?

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