Crypto deposit and withdrawal guide

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Crypto deposit guide

1. Go to your Wallet page.

2. Click "DEPOSIT" on the right side of the currency you wish to deposit.

3. Copy the wallet address on your screen by clicking the "COPY" button.

NOTE: Please make sure you are depositing the right currency or it will result in the loss of your deposit!


4. Deposit coin(s) from your wallet to this wallet. Please make sure you have copied the FULL address.

5. After transferring your coin(s) into this address, your coin(s) will appear in your balance after one block confirmation.

Crypto withdrawal guide

1. Go to the Wallet page.

2. Click "WITHDRAW" on the right side of the currency you wish to withdraw.

3. Input the amount of coin(s) you would like to transfer and paste your wallet address for withdrawal destination.

Note: Please make sure that the wallet address has filled in correctly and double confirm if you have inputted an address with right currency. Entering any other address will result in the loss of your funds.

4. Click “

Note: For security reasons, we manually verify every withdrawal. A withdrawal will be processed within 24 hours.

Fiat deposits and withdrawals guide

Please contact our traders in your designated chat group for transfer details.

Note: HKD is unavailable on our portal at the moment. If you wish to deposit/ withdraw HKD through portal, HKD/USD exchange rate shall apply. For more details, please reach out to your chat group.


Still have questions?

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