OTC Portal: RFQ step-by-step manual

Request For Quote (RFQ): Self-trading on our OTC Portal

Our newly launched automatic OTC trading platform runs 24/7, providing seamless and instant service perfectly matched with the needs for crypto traders.

In this article we will provide a detailed step-by-step guideline on trading with our automated OTC platform:

1. Log into your account

Please enter your email address and password to login. If you do not have an account on OTC portal, please register here and complete KYC verification.


2. The “Home” Page

After logging in successfully, you will see the following tool to request for quotes in the centre of the page.


3. Select currencies and direction of the trade

You can request quotes to “Buy” or “Sell” a certain cryptocurrency. To see both simultaneously, please select “Two-way”.

From here, you can select any of the listed currencies and fill in the quantity of either the cryptocurrency you are trading, OR the fiat currency you are trading.

The system will only let you fill in ONE amount as shown below:


4. Get Quote



Your real-time quote(s) will be shown in a new pop-up directly below.


5. Complete your trade

Real-time quotes expire in 10 seconds (subject to market conditions). If you are satisfied with the quote, press "DO TRADE". If the quote has expired, you will have to press "GET QUOTE" again.

Expired quote: incomplete trade, please press "GET QUOTE" again

Filled quote
: trade completed


6. Viewing Trade History

Trade history: https://genesisblockotc.com/fills

Current balances and transfer history: https://genesisblockotc.com/wallet

Still have questions?

Please reach out to us using any of the channels below:

Website Chat: www.genesisblockhk.com (Click chat bubble at the right bottom corner)

Email: help@genesisblockhk.com

Wan Chai Office: 1/F, 269 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong (Entrance on Stewart Road) (+852 3996 9561)

Tsim Sha Tsui Office: Shop B,C,D, G/F SOLO Building, 41-43 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (+852 2891 0818)