What is OTC (Over-the-Counter) trade?

Over-The-Counter or OTC Trading in the context of Bitcoin and crypto, are private deals for buying or selling crypto. Because these transactions are not conducted on regular exchanges, there is no public order book. This provides increased privacy for both buyers and sellers.

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The biggest appeal for OTC users is the privacy and low impact it has on market prices. OTC caters to ‘Whales’ who are looking to buy or sell large amounts of cryptocurrency. If these ‘Whales’ chose to purchase a large sum of crypto on an exchange, their transaction would be heavily impacted by slippage. This makes OTC trading a desirable option for high net worth individuals looking to make large trades.

The estimate is that more than half of all crypto trades happen privately. Moreover, some estimate that the volume of Crypto traded OTC is two to three times larger than regular exchanges.

OTC trading are transactions that range from US$25,000 to millions in fiat, Bitcoin, or other major Cryptocurrencies. The greatest advantage of using Genesis Block’s OTC is our deep liquidity with bespoke private service to institutional investors and high-net worth individuals. So when they need to place large orders that would fall victim to ‘slippage’ on an open exchange, Genesis Block’s OTC is an ideal solution.


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